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Showbox For IOS

Showbox For IOS

Showbox For IOS
Showbox For IOS

Showbox For IOS:

In this busy routine of life, we need some rest and fun. Everyone is busy with work and different tasks of life. We need some fun and joy. It will be great if we find some apps for fun and joy. We need an app for music and movies etc. we need an app which has all features like music streaming, movie, music and other and with an affordable subscription.

However, ShowBox provides all these features in one app and that too without a subscription fee. You can also save movies offline On your smartphone. Showbox has a huge collection of thriller, action, comedy, and horror movies. The good news is that you can also start your own streaming by just filling the form.

Download Showbox For iPhone & iPad:

Download Showbox For iPhone & iPad
Download Showbox For iPhone & iPad

iPhone and IPad are the most popular devices of Apple company nowadays. However, the sad part is that you cannot find Showbox directly in the Apple store. In this article, I am telling you the way of how to download Showbox for ios.

As you know Showbox is an android app, but still, you can download it on IOS. Another version of Showbox is named as a movie box on IOS devices. Moviebox provides all features similar to Showbox.


Steps to Download Showbox For iPhone without Jailbreak:

Steps to Download Showbox For iPhone without Jailbreak
Steps to Download Showbox For iPhone without Jailbreak

Method 1:

Currently, Showbox Is not officially available for IOs devices. Still, you can download its child app named Moviebox for IOS devices. This app is very similar to Showbox.

To install Moviebox on your device, please follow the below steps:

  • Click the download button below


  • A popup will come just click allow on it.


  • Now click install at the top right corner


  • After Downloading Moviebox, you need to make a small tweak to make it Work! Just Go to Settings > profiles & device management > Shanghai(click on this a popup arrises then just click Trust)
  • Now the movie box is installed. Enjoy it.

Method 2:

vShare is an apple that allows you to download apps for different platforms. Download the unjailbroken version of vShare from any browser and download it. After installation search for the app Moviebox and download it. After downloading, the screen will prompt a pop up to seek your permission before installing the app. Do the needful and start enjoying the benefits such as free movie downloading and video streaming.

Method 3:

If you are not able to install Showbox by above 2 methods then follow this one. You have to use an Android emulator for this purpose. Android emulator provides an Android structure in your IOS device. You can download the IOS emulator and then use it for accessing Showbox on your IOS and Ipad. However, IOS emulator is difficult to find and even if you do find one, the chances of its being trustworthy and being resourceful are very less.


Moviebox is in many ways the best replacement for the Showbox Apk, especially when you own an IOS device like the iPhone and iPad. Even the look, realize and features of this app are the same as Showbox which makes it the best option for everyone.

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